Registration Letter

 The 14th Biennial Conference of Asian Consumer and Family Economics Association (ACFEA)

Kitakyushu International Conference Center

Kitakyushu, Japan

July 9~12, 2023



Dear 2023 ACFEA Participants,

Congratulations! Your submissions have been accepted to be presented at the conference.

It is about time to make a registration. There are two ways for your registration. Please use one of the following:

1. Online Registration (need to register a Google account and login first): https://forms.gle/utGiW2TW4dxupM4i9

2. Email Registration: Please complete and email your registration form and Credit Card Payment Form or Receipt of Remittance to the ACFEA secretary at asiancfea@gmail.com. The registration form and credit card payment form can be downloaded here. 


If you need to apply for a VISA to visit Japan, especially scholars of PR China, please make sure that you have prepared all the necessary materials. If you need any documents issued by the local host, AGI, for the VISA application, please let me know immediately and no later than April 20, 2023. 


The hotel we suggest is APA Hotel Kokura Ekimae. The walking distance from APA to the Conference Center is about 5 minutes. However, other hotels are also suggested as long as they are not very far from the Conference Center.